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2004 Weeres Restoration

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Topic: 2004 Weeres Restoration
Posted By: Titan XD
Subject: 2004 Weeres Restoration
Date Posted: 07/14/2016 at 4:33pm
Hello fellow 'Tooners. I'm relatively new to this site in that this is my first post.  However, I've luked here and at other pontoon sites in order to gather as much info as I could before going down the restoration road.
Me??  I'm a semi-retired Manufacturing Engineer/Project Manager that spent 35+ years of my life in the aviation industry.  So aluminum structures ain't nuthin new to me.  I've been boating since I was 6 years old and have navigated by charts and old school techniques - and I will say right now.....thank you Jesus for inventing the GPS satellite!  LOL
So about this rebuild.  It started out as a so-called Four Corner Fish model from Weeres.  Here's beauty shot.
The mother-in-law had it for some years and honestly didn't take really good care of it nor used it a bunch.  Two years ago she asked if we wanted to use it since we had been looking for a boat.  All I heard was "FREE", so I was all in.  The MIL said that it just needed some TLC and that the motor ran.  I'm still blinded by the word "FREE".
So we travel the 4 hours to south of Tallahassee, FL to get it.  O M G!!!!  TLC???  More like G(od)TLC.  Every seat was cracked.  The seat swivels didn't.  The console was all faded and looked like a Pringle's chip.  The motor???  You guessed it - wouldn't crunk.  The MIL's husband was totally dismayed since he was sure he started it not long ago....maybe a year ago?  But....BUT....there was still that word "FREE" and I've been wrenching on motors since I was 12, so how bad could it be.  Famous last words.
The tow home was uneventful and the next day I started going through the basics of trailer lights, wheel bearings, boat electrical, etc.  One of the things I discovered that I never knew was that you could use Crisco for wheel hub grease.  Seriously!  Because that's exactly what the crud looked like oooooozing outta the hub when I pulled the bearing cap.  I thought......oh Lord, I just towed this thing on a Sunday mind you with that in those hubs.  Needless to say, both hub assemblies went to the scrap metal place.  The trailer wiring was shot, so I new set of LED's were installed.  Most of the seats were removed and thrown away because the vinyl was the consistency of a potato chip - every time you pushed on it....SNAP!
The 70hp two smoke Yamahammer needed a complete carb kit rebuild, so I did that.  And once that was done a general clean up of the FREEBIE was accomplished to get it water ready.  So for the last two seasons we've made do with it in this fashion with the exception of a repower last year to the 90 Merc.

Posted By: Titan XD
Date Posted: 07/14/2016 at 5:01pm
Just a couple of "In Use" photos, before the tear down ugliness.
Bow shot
Stern Shot
The Ogre we got for a Captain!
My drinking buddy.
Don't get no better than this.
First mate in training getting use to the Garmin 73SV

Posted By: Titan XD
Date Posted: 07/14/2016 at 5:29pm
The tear down.
This is the motor "pod" I just had installed by American Pontoon in Manning, SC.  Those guys were awesome to deal with.
This is another shot of it.  They beefed up the structure to handle the extra loads.  Was hoping I could get an integral fuel cell, but it wasn't possible.  The best part is that I get a true 20' long deck.

Posted By: p3cflyr
Date Posted: 07/15/2016 at 1:16am
Looks good.  You're well on the way to a personalized boat!!  Thumbs Up


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Posted By: misterb461
Date Posted: 07/16/2016 at 12:17pm
Looks like your structure is in awesome condition!  LOL, the words free and boating only go together if your buddy owns the boat, and I seem to have quite a few friends that practice that theory.

Being an aviation engineer and currently doing FAI's and source inspections myself for Bell, Agusta Westland and a few others, I know how picky I am, so I'm sure your project is going to be awesome when finished!  Also, yes, those scud runner avionics are awesome!  Love my GPS, mapping, now if they just had collision avoidance, lol!!!

Best of luck with your project and remember to post pics!

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Posted By: Titan XD
Date Posted: 07/18/2016 at 3:50pm
A short update....
The wife & I laid the decking yesterday and were hoping to get the flooring down.  However, Mother Nature didn't get the memo.
As an aside.....I want to pass along some tips/ideas/notions/opinions I've gleaned from this project and other boating projects.  HOWEVER.....please take this with a grain of salt as I'm no authority (although I stayed at a Holiday Inn once).
- I have no affiliation with these folks, but there is a company (ironically) not too far from me called" rel="nofollow - .  They are awesome and I'm not sure how they can sell true tinned marine wire so cheap - but they do.  Also, they got this stuff for wire loom that is an expanding mesh stuff.  To be sure, it takes a bit of working with it to get the hang of it, but the look is much more professional.  The best part is that since it expands, it's able to accommodate a wide range of wire bundle sizes and the occasional butt splices that split loom cannot handle.  I'll post a pic of my uses.
- Speaking of yourself a favor and spend some money and get a good pair of wire strippers and a ratcheting crimp tool.  They will prevent you from nicking wire and deliver good, solid, repeatable crimps.
- And speaking of crimping.  Get ya some OX Gard (Lowes, HD).  This stuff can be messy, but it's well worth the piece of mind it brings.  Obviously, soldered wires are the cat's meow, but even a soldered joint can be flawed.  The Ox Gard prevents corrosion from setting up on the wires inside a crimp connector.
- I know that sometimes you're just itching to get on the water and so you rush through something.  Take pride in your work and do a professional wiring job.  Anyone can create the "rats nests" of wiring we've all seen in (of all things) brand new boats.  You don't have to be fanatical, but a good wiring layout will save you time if you have to trouble shoot an issue.  Me?  I'm waaaaaay too anal.  LOL  Here's a former job I did.
- Never EVER ty-wrap or bundle your throttle and shift control cables together.  They need to be "free" (within reason) in order to deliver that smooth action you want.  I've seen folks launching and retrieving boats that have to manhandle the throttle/shift control resulting in a less than (ahem) smooth load out.  I guarantee that if I inspected those folks that are having to manhandle the control, either they or some jack wagon mechanic has wire tied the bejeesus out of the cables.  I've even seen cables that were too long, that someone thought they'd tidy them up by looping the cables onto themselves.  I bet the boat owners complain like crazy that their control is hurky-jerky stiff and their bud's boat is smooth as glass.  There ain't no way you can load a boat on a trailer if you have to fight the throttle - well....unless you wanna be one of those videos on YouTube.  'Nuff said.
- How many of you have chain in your anchor rode?  If you don't, have you had trouble getting your anchor to take a good hard set?  If so.....go to Lowes/HD and get yourself at least 10' (or more) of galvanized chain.  The chain, due to its weight, helps the anchor to lie flat on the bottom which is crucial to the anchors' flutes to take a set.  It's almost impossible for a Danforth style anchor to "set" with nothing more than a rope for a rode.
And now.....I'm gonna STHU.  HAHAHAHAHA.......

Posted By: Titan XD
Date Posted: 07/19/2016 at 5:52pm
Another update.  While waiting for parts and to get out of this blasted hot weather, I decided to pre-install some components in the relative comfort of the workshop.  I've had both ceiling fans going and a floor fan and I still sweat - this heat wave is for the birds.  I guess it's global warming.  Shocked
The console is pretty much done.  New Kenwood marine stereo and my Garmin 73SV which has all the North American Lakes preloaded.  I've ordered the coastal water nav card for when we take the boat to my Dad's on the Mississippi Gulf Coast.  The binnacle throttle will have to be installed during rigging as will the Sea Star (Teleflex) NFB tilt steering system.  Those rows of stainless screws are securing a 1" thick reinforcing backing plate for the steering box.  The console is rotomolded plastic and is only 1/4" thick.  I spoke to a Tech at Sea Star and he confirmed my issue of too much flexing in that area.
Here's a shot of the dual battery setup.  Yes - I'm a paranoid boater.  The battery on the left will be my Optima Blue top deep cycle and the one on the right will be my cranking battery.  I've drilled several holes in the toe kick area and on the backside in order to vent the area.  That black thing you see towards the front is the magnet structure of one of four speakers.   
In my port stern corner base is mounted the battery switch as well as a wash down pump.  Still up in the air for how I want to supply the pump with raw water and whether I want to run a line to the bow as some here have done (great idea BTW).
There's an (obvious) issue when running dual batteries that aren't the same - i.e. deep cycle / starting.  Fortunately Blue Seas has a solution (their Add-a-Battery kit) which has an automatic isolation relay that allows the engine to charge both batteries, but isolates the start battery when the engine isn't running and automatically switches to the deep cycle battery when you're stopped and blaring out Jason Aldean to the dismay of your boating friend who hates country music.  For safety reasons, I put all the switching in the seat base adjacent to the battery seat base.  If you don't already know - battery fumes are more explosive than an Ex wife that's missed an alimony check.
In the console base I mounted a Kenwood sub and amplifier combo.  The sub's amp is the black box.  The silver box is a neat little Kenwood digital 4-channel amp which will drive the four speakers in the boat.  I've been involved with audio/video of all sorts all my life and I'm not quite convinced this is the best place for this sub acoustically.  However, just short of building a tuned sub box, this was the only location large enough to handle its size.  The entire console presents enough volume for the sub, but I'm pretty sure it won't be rigid or sealed enough for the sub to perform to spec.  We'll see....  Oh, and the other box is a fused distribution panel to accommodate power to other items like the radio and Garmin.
This shot is to try and show you that expanded wire loom I spoke about.
And lastly.....we got the deck on.  I've run out my harness in preparation for encasing it in protective loom.  Today (God willing) I'll run my throttle/shift/steering cables.  Flooring will be next.  Maybe my end of July completion date will be achieved after all.

Posted By: Titan XD
Date Posted: 08/08/2016 at 3:20pm
Update number four I think.  Yeah, yeah, yeah......I know - no pics.  Seriously, I promise to take some shots and post soon.
The flooring is down (went relatively smoothly), fence is up, doors & hinges installed, mooring cleats installed, nav lights installed, wire for docking, anchor and PWR-ARM bimini have all been snaked through railing tubes, and all the seat & console bases are in.  Now comes the tedious rigging.  Honestly - I'm not looking forward to this because I tend to suffer from option paralysis - you know.....when you have several options on how to run things and can't decide to the point where you just stand there starring at the dang thing for 20 or 30 minutes.  While all this was taking place, I gleaned a few notions and I'll pass them along.
- I ordered a set of custom switch rocker covers from these guys" rel="nofollow -

Posted By: Titan XD
Date Posted: 10/14/2016 at 6:48pm
Not sure where the time went, but it went and it went REAL fast.  The short of it is that our restoration is complete!  That's the good news.  The bad news is that even in south Georgia the boating season is almost over.  If the good Lord's willing and the creek don't rise, we might be able to squeeze in a few outings.
I decided to do a video exterior/interior walk about of the final project instead of a bunch of photos.  As you can see, I'm not a professional videographer.  However, I think I've captured how things turned out.  As many of you that have gone down this road, I too learned some things (the hard way at times).  So if I can be of some assistance, please don't hesitate to reach out and I'll try my best to answer your questions.  Probably best to email me at td3adams____at____centurylink*DOT*net.
Here's the link:" rel="nofollow -
Thanks for looking and many thinks to those here that have given me ideas.

Posted By: Barnmb7117
Date Posted: 10/15/2016 at 4:26am
ClapClapClap  great video.

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Posted By: curtiscapk
Date Posted: 10/17/2016 at 4:29pm
ClapClapClapgreat stuff!

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Posted By: Scott573
Date Posted: 03/11/2018 at 10:50pm
Tom, what did you use to attached the plywood to the console if you don’t mind me asking?


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